I just don't know anymore.




You know who hates on Kanye?

  1. boring ass fuckboys
  2. fuckboys who hate seeing a black man make it

Or you know, people with musical taste.

^boring ass fuckboy running an anti-feminist blog^

"One of my biggest bugbears in the world is English people who sing with an American accent. I understand that our palette of music is fundamentally American, but any time that someone comments or criticises the way that I sing in terms of pronunciation, I would immediately ask them to have a think about most of the people that they might listen, people who sing in the most incredible American accents but who are actually from the Midlands or London. Which is more ridiculous? I don’t know. I mean, Biffy Clyro are wicked because they sing in their Scottish accent and of course you fucking should because that’s how you speak."


Dan Smith (x)

BIFFY FUCKING CLYRO ARE THE BEST (and bastille too of course)

(Source: headuponyourshoulder)


Through the Wire | Kanye West

pokeoh said: i know i'm probably going to Jackson College, cause i have a scholarship there and then i plan to transfer to a 4 year university, right now i'm looking into Western and Northern but I don't know if I'll follow through. It would help me a lot if I knew what I wanted to major in.

I am still having trouble with that, what to major in. Well I choose nursing but I still i have no idea. That’s sounds like a good start.

  -  1 August
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